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About Us
Quality Remodeling & Restoration is a small, family-owned buisness.  Our approach to remodeling lends a personal touch to every project we undertake. 

Damon Johnson

Damon owns and runs Quality Remodeling & Restoration. He has been working in the construction industry since 1996, during the timne that he attended Western Washington University and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronic Engineering Technology.  The attention to detail required in the engineering field has translated well to the technical aspects of home remodeling.  Damon and Fred became business partners in 2007, and worked side-by-side until Fred retired in 2015.
Chris Thorson

Chris has been working in the home remodeling field for over 8 years.  Prior to working at Quality Remodeling & Restoration, he was a foreman specializing in slab and tile installations.  Chris is a long-time family friend of Fred and Damon, and joined their team in 2007.
Fred Murray

Fred became interested in remodeling when he bought his first house in 1972.  After remodeling this house extensively he decided to challenge himself and build his own custom house from the ground up.  Fred was a junior high school teacher for 31 years until he retired in 2003.  His teaching schedule allowed him to accept smaller jobs during the school year and larger projects during the summer months.  Fred put all his energy into his remodeling company and retired from Quality Remodeling & Restoration in 2015.
Chris Thorson of Quality Remodeling and Restoration, LLC
Ken Murray

Ken began his remodeling career around age 7 as a tool fetcher for Fred. He attended Western Washington University and in 2002 earned a BA in Communications, with minors in Political Science and Environmental Education. During and since college, Ken has owned and operated Artistic Touch Painting, completing painting and repair projects on dozens of homes around Washington. Becoming a homeowner broadened Ken's construction experience, and in 2010 he joined forces with Quality Remodeling & Restoration to be able to serve their customers better.

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